Pet Shampoos and Food

Organic Pet Shampoo Guide


Traditional shampoos have harsh chemicals, which can harm some pets. Organic shampoos, however, contain natural ingredients, so pets never develop rashes after they are cleaned.

Organic pet cleansers are very eco-friendly because the ingredients are harvested from nature. When people bathe their pets outside with organic shampoos, the soapy mixture doesn’t harm the flowers, the soil, or the water supply.


Many pets lick themselves after they are cleansed with a traditional shampoo. If there is any shampoo left on their fur, the toxic chemicals may cause a severe health problem. Because organic shampoos have natural components, pets can groom their fur after a bath without any risks.

Organic treats can help with an animals coat also. Organic bully sticks are made from all natural and organic ingredients and are proven to improve your loyal friends doggy breath! These great bully sticks can only be found at the one and only Organic Pet Boutique.

When people bathe their pets with organic products, key vitamins and minerals are infused into various hair follicles. The ingredients also absorb into the animal’s skin; as a result, the vitamins nourish the top and bottom layer of the coat.


To pamper your pet regularly, you must choose a proper shampoo that is made with quality ingredients.

An organic aloe shampoo is ideal for a pet that has sensitive skin because it cleanses the skin and the coat gently. It also has soothing properties that prevent itching and scratching.

Vermont soap organic shampoos contain jojoba oils, olive oil, and coconut oil. These products do not have any toxic ingredients like dish soaps and other bathing options.

Richard’s Organics Moisturizing Shampoo by Synergy Lab has several main ingredients. Echinacea, almond oil, and oatmeal keep pets moisturized after they are squeaky clean. The shampoo also freshens the coat and keeps insects away.


Nature’s Organic shampoo with lavender cleanses and conditions the fur. The unique formula is mild and delicate, so pets maintain healthy skin after each use. The ingredients give pets a beautiful coat that doesn’t look oily. However, the biggest benefit is that Nature’s Organic products are made from sustainable ingredients.

Top Five Organic Pet Food Brands

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In the past, many pet food companies made products with flavorless meats and filler. Now, most manufacturers produce dog food that contains organic kibble. Although the pellets are organic, they are always delicious and nutritious. Over the last few years, the demand for organic products has peaked dramatically. However, there are only a few brands that use organic ingredients that are USDA certified.

Natural Petworks manufactures various canned and dry snacks for cats and dogs. The company makes foods in a variety of favors, but all recipes contain plenty of organic ingredients. Pets enjoy eating the delicious peas, the tasty rice, and the juicy chicken pieces. Consumers can buy different blends for specific pets. For example, the grain-free products help pets manage their weight throughout the year.

Newman’s Own Organic produces quality pet foods that feature free-range beef. The company never uses corn, wheat, and poultry by-products because these ingredients can cause an allergic reaction. The factory also produces specific products for puppies and older pets.

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Dick Van Patten’s organic pet foods are made with potatoes, oats, brown rice, barley, and organic chicken. The Natural Balance formula gives pets healthier skin and a shinier coat. Currently, the canine dog foods are the only foods that feature the organic formula. However, all Natural Balance foods are ideal for pets of all ages.

PetGuard manufacturers products that are made with 100 percent organic ingredients. The company also makes a vegan formula for canines.


Karma food foods contain certified organic ingredients. The recipe does not feature any corn, soy, or wheat. Manufacturers always cook the ingredients at a low temperature; this method keeps the nutrients in the ingredients. Although the company also has one dog food blend, the dogs enjoy eating the food because kibble has a lot of favor.